Micro Excavator (Up to 1 Tonne)

To provide the practical skills and the operating safety knowledge necessary to train operators to correctly prepare, safely operate and correctly maintain an Excavator Micro 360.

On completion of the course successful candidates are issued with certification.

Micro Excavator

  • Price Guarantee
  • Free Parking
  • Dedicated Training Venue

Course Agenda:

  • Responsibilities under Current Health and Safety Legislation
  • Pre-operational checks and daily maintenance
  • Manoeuvring
  • Pre-Excavating Checks
  • Battery care and refeueling procedures
  • Mobility and stability factors
  • Safety rules applicable to operating
  • Safe use of attachments
  • Excavating and Back Filling
  • Evacuate a trench to level and tolerances
  • Formation of a raised bench or creation of level standing
  • Build a stockpile and safely load a vehicle i.e. dumper or trailer
  • Quick hitch (if required)
  • End of shift checks

Course Duration

Three days. The course is usually offered as three consecutive days, however, we also offer it as a split course over several weeks at some centres.

Assessment and Certification

After completing the final assessment candidates will be awarded:

NPORS Micro Excavator (Up to 1 Tonne)

You will upon passing receive an NPORS Operator card.

If you require the CSCS logo on the card, this will be a Red Trained Operator NPORS-CSCS card. If you don't required the CSCS logo, this will be a traditional NPORS card.

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